“He hateth putting away.” Mal. 2. 16; Jer. 32. 40

J. Kent       C.M.

Let Zion songs of triumph sing;
Let gladness crown the day;
Jehovah is her God and King,
He hates to put away.

’Graved on his hands divinely fair,
Who did their ransom pay,
The golden letters still appear;
He hates to put away.

Think not that he’ll thy suit reject,
Or spurn thy humble plea;
He hears the groans of his elect,
And hates to put away.

[When loathsome in thy sins and blood,
He did thy state survey,
And for a stranger Surety stood;
He hates to put away.]

Salvation’s of the Lord alone;
Grace is a shoreless sea;
In heaven there’s ne’er a vacant throne;
He hates to put away.

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