In-dwelling Sin. Rom. 7. 14-24; Isa. 52. 3

J. Kent             C.M.

Sold under sin, was Paul’s complaint;
He felt its galling load,
Though he, by calling, was a saint,
And rightly taught of God.

Like him, we daily feel the same,
And long to be dissolved;
Oppressed by sins of every name,
How oft are we involved!

But he that feels pollution most,
Defiled throughout by sin,
Will never of his goodness boast,
But mourn the plague within.

Distressed at heart, he’ll tell his God
He feels it every day;
And to the fount of Jesus’ blood
For pardon haste away.

Sinless perfection we deny,
The chief of Satan’s wiles;
Do thou, my soul, to Calvary fly,
As oft as sin defiles.


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