“We see Jesus.” Heb. 2. 9; Matt. 28. 6

J. Stevens              C.M.

How great and solemn is the thing,
For which we here are come;
To view the death of Zion’s King,
And gaze upon his tomb;

To see him, under death’s arrest,
Enter the dismal grave;
Awhile in that dark cell to rest,
Our mortal flesh to save;

To see him in his grave-clothes lie,
His life and glory gone;
To ask ourselves the reason why
This wondrous deed was done;

To view the wounds of which he died
And own our sins the cause;
To honour Christ the crucified,
Adhering to his laws;

To trace him rising from the tomb
In victory over all;
The first-born Son of nature’s womb,
That rose no more to fall.

Here, humble saints, your tribute pay;
A risen Saviour sing;
Come, be baptized without delay,
In honour of your King.

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