Baptism. Acts 2. 38; 22. 16; Mark 16. 16

J. Fawcett          8.7.

Humble souls, who seek salvation
Through the Lamb’s redeeming blood,
Hear the voice of revelation;
Tread the path that Jesus trod.
Flee to him, your only Saviour;
In his mighty name confide;
In the whole of your behaviour,
Own him for your Sovereign Guide.

Hear the blest Redeemer call you;
Listen to his gracious voice;
Dread no ills that can befall you,
While you make his ways your choice.
Jesus says, “Let each believer
Be baptizèd in my name.”
He himself, in Jordan’s river,
Was immersed beneath the stream.

Plainly here his footsteps tracing,
Follow him without delay;
Gladly his command embracing;
Lo! your Captain leads the way.
View the rite with understanding;
Jesus’ grave before you lies;
Be interred at his commanding;
After his example rise.

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