Before Sermon. Isa. 64. 2; 2 Chron. 6. 29, 30; Ps. 100. 4

J. Hart       104th

The good hand of God has brought us again
(A favour bestowed, we hope not in vain)
To hear from our Saviour the word of his grace;
Then be our behaviour becoming the place.

Remember the ends for which we are met;
Alas! my dear friends, we’re apt to forget;
The motives that brought us, the Lord only sees;
But if he has taught us, our ends should be these:

To worship the Lord with praise and with prayer;
To practise his word, as well as to hear,
To own with contrition the deeds we have done,
And take the remission God gives in his Son.

Blest Spirit of Christ, descend on us thus;
Thy servant assist; teach him to teach us;
O send us thy unction, to teach us all good;
And touch with compunction, and sprinkle with blood.


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