Desiring to Depart. Phil. 1. 23; 2 Cor. 5. 8; Isa. 6. 3

I. Watts               C.M.

Father, I long, I faint to see
The place of thy abode;
I’d leave thy earthly courts and flee
Up to thy seat, my God!

Here I behold thy distant face,
And ’tis a pleasing sight;
But to abide in thy embrace
Is infinite delight.

I’d part with all the joys of sense
To gaze upon thy throne;
Pleasure springs fresh for ever thence,
Unspeakable, unknown.

[There all the heavenly host are seen;
In shining ranks they move,
And drink immortal vigour in,
With wonder and with love.]

[There at thy feet, with awful fear,
The adoring armies fall;
With joy they shrink to nothing there,
Before the eternal All.]

[There would I vie with all the host,
In duty and in bliss,
While less than nothing I could boast,
And vanity confess.]

The more thy glories strike my eyes
The humbler I shall lie;
Thus, while I sink, my joys shall rise
Unmeasurably high.

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