Christ’s Resurrection. Matt. 20. 19; Luke 24. 2-7

J. Hart     C.M.

See from the dungeon of the dead,
Our great Deliverer rise;
While conquests wreathe his heavenly head,
And glory glads his eyes.

The struggling Hero, strong to save,
Did all our miseries bear
Down to the chambers of the grave,
And left the burden there.

[See, how the well-pleased angel rolls
The stone, and opes the prison!
Lift up your heads, ye sin-sick souls,
And sing, The Lord is risen.]

No more indictments justice draws;
It sets the soul at large;
Our Surety undertook the cause,
And faith’s a full discharge.

To save us, our Redeemer died;
To justify us, rose;
Where’s the condemning power beside
Has right to interpose?

The Lord is risen! thou trembling soul,
Let fears no more confound!
Let heaven and earth, from pole to pole,
The Lord is risen resound!

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