The Law and Gospel. Rom. 8. 3, 4; 10. 5-15

J. Berridge                                                    L.M.

The law demands a weighty debt,
And not a single mite will bate;
But gospel sings of Jesus’ blood,
And says it made the payment good.

The law provokes men oft to ill,
And churlish hearts makes harder still;
But gospel acts a kinder part,
And melts a most obdurate heart.

“Run, run, and work,” the law commands,
Yet finds me neither feet nor hands;
But sweeter news the gospel brings;
It bids me fly, and lends me wings.

[Such needful wings, O Lord, impart,
To brace my feet and brace my heart;
Good wings of faith and wings of love
Will make a cripple sprightly move.]

With these a lumpish soul may fly,
And soar aloft, and reach the sky;
Nor faint nor falter in the race,
But cheerly work, and sing of grace.


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