Coming of Christ to Judgment. Matt. 25. 31-46

J. Swain    8.7.4.

Lo! he comes, arrayed in vengeance,
Riding down the heavenly road;
Floods of fury roll before him;
Who can meet an angry God?
Tremble, sinners;
Who can stand before his rod?

Lo! he comes in glory shining;
Saints, arise and meet your King!
“Glorious Captain of Salvation,
Welcome, welcome,” hear them sing!
Shouts of triumph
Make the heavens with echoes ring.

Now, despisers, look and wonder!
Hear the dreadful sound, “Depart!”
Rattling like a peal of thunder,
Through each guilty rebel’s heart!
Lost for ever!
Hope and sinners here must part.

[Still they hear the dreadful sentence;
Hell resounds the dreadful roar;
While their heart-strings rend with anguish,
Trembling on the burning shore;
Justice seals it;
Down they sink to rise no more.

How they shrink with horror, viewing
Hell’s deep caverns opening wide;
Guilty thoughts, like ghosts, pursuing,
Plunge them down the rolling tide!
Now consider,
Ye who scorn the Lamb that died.]

Hark! ten thousand harps resounding!
Formed in bright and grand array;
See the glorious armies rising,
While their Captain leads the way;
Heaven before them,
Opens an eternal day.

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