“The joyful sound.” Ps. 89. 15; Matt. 18. 11

W. Gadsby     148th

Thrice happy are the men,
Who know the joyful sound;
They glory in the Lamb;
Their hopes upon him found;
They see how justice, truth, and grace,
Agree and shine in Jesus’ face.

A joyful sound indeed,
To sinners in distress,
Who have no works to plead
But what are vile and base;
Who feel their hearts a dreadful den
Of every murderous, hateful sin.

For such to hear and know
Salvation is of God,
That Jesus will bestow
The riches of his love
On sinners who have nought to bring,
Will make their very souls to sing.

He pardons all their sins,
And makes them white as wool,
And the sweet Spirit sends,
To fill their vessels full
Of faith, and love, and joy, and peace,
And seal them sons and heirs of grace.

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