The Law of the Wise. Prov. 13. 14; 14. 27

W. Gadsby   8s

Sweet Jesus! how great is thy love;
Thy mercy and truth know no end;
And all that are born from above,
Shall find thee a permanent Friend;
Dear Saviour, enlighten my eyes,
That I may the wonders behold
Contained in the law of the wise,
Too grand and too great to be told.

O what a rich field of delight!
How sweet and how fragrant the smell!
Its beauties astonish me quite,
Nor am I yet able to tell
The half of the glory I see
In that divine treasure of grace;
Sweet wonders are shown unto me,
When I behold Jesus’s face.

Dear Jesus! thy glories unfold,
Nor let me be wanting of sight;
O may I with pleasure behold
Thy statutes, and in them delight.
I want to know nothing beside;
Here’s room for my soul to expand;
Nor can I be better employed,
In Meshech’s discouraging land.


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