“The ransomed shall return.” Isa. 35. 10

W. Gadsby   148th

The ransomed of the Lord
Shall unto Zion come;
A faithful, loving God
Will surely bring them home;
He gave his life a ransom-price
And Zion shall in him rejoice.

The promise of the Lord
Shall stand for ever good,
And Zion shall record
The wonders of his love.
Redemption’s glorious work is done;
The ransomed shall to Zion come.

[The Holy, Wise, and Just,
His Well-Beloved gave;
And shall the man be cursed
That Jesus came to save?
Shall sin and Satan Jesus cheat,
Or prove the ransom incomplete?]

[O vanity extreme!
And base that heart must be
Whose tongue can dare proclaim
The ransomed damned shall be.
The debt is paid; the victory won;
The ransomed shall to Zion come.]

[They shall rejoice in him,
And in him they shall boast;
He saves from wrath and sin,
From guilt, law, and the curse.
To Zion they shall all be led,
And joy shall rest upon their head.]

’Tis no uncertain sound
The gospel-trumpet gives;
The church in Christ is found,
And by and in him lives;
While Jesus lives to bring them home,
The ransomed shall to Zion come.

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