Redeeming Love. Jer. 31. 3; Heb. 9. 12

W. Gadsby    8.7.4.

O the love of Christ to sinners!
Who can make its wonders known?
Sin-born slaves, through grace, are winners
Of a bright celestial crown;
Jesus gives us
Endless glory and renown.

We, by nature, are disgraceful;
Nothing but the filth of hell;
All our righteousnesses hateful;
Who can half our baseness tell?
Satan’s captives,
And we loved his service well.

Jesus saw us sunk in ruin,
And, determined us to save,
Shed his blood, and brought us to him;
For our life his own he gave;
He redeemed us
From sin, Satan, and the grave.

Endless love he fixed upon us,
In eternity that’s past;
Nor will ever take it from us;
Endless love shall ever last;
Love redeemed us,
And will ever hold us fast.

Chapel 535

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