The Breaker. Micah 2. 13; Jer. 23. 29

W. Gadsby    C.M.

The Breaker is gone forth in love,
With power and skill divine;
Descending from the realms above,
To quell his foes and mine.

In love to Zion, he has broke
The powers of death and hell;
And her from Sinai’s dreadful yoke
Has broken off as well.

Though death, and law, and sin agree
This Breaker to arrest,
He breaks their bonds, himself sets free,
With Zion on his breast.

He breaks his children’s hearts in twain,
And brings proud nature down;
The hearts he breaks he heals again,
And on them puts a crown.

[He breaks through every darksome cloud,
And shows his lovely face;
Which makes the sinner sing aloud,
“Salvation is of grace.”]

[He breaks the traps and gins that lie
To catch poor pilgrims’ feet;
And, when they stumble, makes them fly
To him, their safe retreat.]

He’ll break the strings of nature soon,
And bid the prisoner fly
Beyond the reach of sin and gloom,
His glory to enjoy.

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