“In his name shall the Gentiles trust.” Matt. 12. 21

W. Gadsby   8.8.6.

How sweet and precious is the name
Of Jesus Christ, the Lord, the Lamb,
To sinners in distress!
A name just suited to their case;
Pregnant with mercy, truth, and grace,
With strength and righteousness.

[His name, as Jesus, suits them well;
He saves from sin, wrath, law, and hell,
From guilt and slavish fears.
His name is Wonderful indeed;
An able Counsellor, to plead,
Just suits a case like theirs.]

[Immanuel! thrice-blessèd name!
The God we trust is still the same!
An endless Father, He;
A most illustrious Prince of Peace;
A Tower, a precious Hiding-place,
Is Jesus Christ to me.]

[Yes, if his name be Lord of Hosts,
Of his almighty power I’ll boast;
He all my foes shall quell;
He’s all the helpless soul can need;
No ointment put on Aaron’s head,
Could give so sweet a smell.]

In him the Gentile church shall trust;
Of him shall sing; of him shall boast;
On him cast all their care;
He is their God, and they shall know
What his almighty power can do,
Nor death, nor danger fear.


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