“Mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth.” Isa. 42. 1

W. Gadsby   8.8.6.

Before the earth or seas were made,
Jesus was chosen as our Head,
The Father’s first Elect;
In him the church was chosen too,
And he engaged to bring them through;
Nor will he them neglect.

He undertook the care and charge,
And promised they should walk at large,
And all his glory view.
Anon the Father’s set time came,
Nor did the Saviour then disdain
The Father’s will to do.

“Behold him now,” the Father cries;
“Ye mourning souls, lift up your eyes
And view your Saviour dear.
In him my soul delighteth well;
My great commands he shall fulfil,
And banish all your fear.

“Ye tried, ye tempted sinners, look
To my Elect, who undertook
To ransom you with blood.
In him I’m ever, ever pleased,
And you shall of your pain be eased,
And see a smiling God.

“Whatever be your frame of mind,
You never will perfection find,
But in the Lord alone.
No spot nor wrinkle can I see
In them that unto Jesus flee;
For they and he are one.”

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