The One Thing Needful. Luke 10. 42; Eph. 1. 3

W. Gadsby    7.6.

What a precious, needful thing,
Is the Lord and Saviour!
Zion shall his mercy sing,
Now, henceforth, and ever.
In him a rich fulness dwells,
And is freely given;
Law and conscience Jesus quells;
Crooked things makes even.

Mercy from his bosom flows,
Free as any river;
He redresses all the woes
Of a weak believer.
Sinners in corruption’s pit
Know they greatly need him;
He and he alone is fit
From it to relieve them.

He is needful as our All;
May we cleave unto him;
Every blessing, great and small,
Flows to Zion through him;
Happy is the man indeed,
Who has such a Saviour;
Every blessing he can need,
Dwells in him for ever.

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