Precious and Holy Faith. 2 Pet. 1. 1; Jude 20

W. Gadsby    S.M.

Faith! ’tis a grace divine,
A gift both rich and free;
’Twas grace that made this blessing mine,
From guilt to set me free.

The faith of God’s elect
Is precious, pure, and good;
Such is its power, and its effect,
True faith prevails with God.

To Jesus and his blood,
It looks for life and peace;
The oaths and promises of God,
Its power and zeal increase.

[When saints in darkness roam
With sin and guilt distressed,
Faith in Christ’s righteousness alone
Can set the soul at rest.]

Faith lives in spite of hell;
And, when the soul’s oppressed
With miseries more than tongue can tell,
It leans on Jesus’ breast.

Though death and dangers fly
Like lightning from the skies;
He that believes shall never die;
Faith must obtain the prize.

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