Predestination. Acts 13. 48; Rom. 8. 30

R. Burnham                                  L.M.

’Twas fixed in God’s eternal mind
When his dear sons should mercy find;
From everlasting he decreed
When every good should be conveyed.

Determined was the manner how
Eternal favours he’d bestow;
Yea, he decreed the very place
Where he would show triumphant grace.

Also the means were fixed upon
Through which his sovereign love should run.
So time and place, yea, means and mode,
Were all determined by our God.

Vast were the settlements of grace
On millions of the human race;
And every favour, richly given,
Flows from the high decree of heaven.

[In every mercy, full and free,
A sovereign God I wish to see;
To see how grace, free grace has reigned,
In every blessing he ordained.

Yes, dearest Lord, ’tis my desire
Thy wise appointments to admire;
And trace the footsteps of my God,
Through every path in Zion’s road.]

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