Panting for Christ, the Friend of Sinners. Ps. 42. 1

W. Gadsby    8.7.4.

Precious Jesus! Friend of sinners;
We, as such, to thee draw near;
Let thy Spirit now dwell in us,
And with love our souls inspire;
Fill, O fill us
With that love which casts out fear.

Matchless Saviour! let us view thee
As the Lord our Righteousness;
Cause each soul to cleave unto thee,
Come, and with thy presence bless.
Dear Immanuel,
Feast us with thy sovereign grace.

Open now thy precious treasure:
Let the blessings freely flow;
Give to each a gracious measure
Of thy glory here below;
Loving Bridegroom,
’Tis thyself we want to know.

[Come, and claim us as thy portion,
And let us lay claim to thee;
Leave us not to empty notion,
But from bondage set us free;
King of glory!
We would live and reign with thee.]


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