“Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.” Heb. 12. 6

W. Gadsby                                             7s

Whom the Lord Jehovah loves,
He in various ways reproves;
’Tis his settled, wise decree,
That his sons chastised shall be.

Them to wean from self and sin,
Try the grace he works within;
Strip them of each idol god;
Make them prize the Saviour’s blood;

Teach them what and where they are;
Draw forth patience, faith, and prayer;
Make them closer cling to Christ,
And in him alone rejoice;

These are ends he has in view,
And he’ll them accomplish too;
Nor shall our poor peevish heart
Make him from his purpose start.

[Yet his love and grace are such,
He will ne’er afflict too much;
But, in every chastening, prove
His paternal care and love.]

Father, make us clearly view
What thy love designs to do;
And in every trying case,
Trust thy faithfulness and grace.

Chapel: 623 (Hendon, 77.77)

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