Praying for Living Bread. Ps. 28. 9

W. Gadsby    8.8.6.

Again, dear Lord, we would be fed;
We come to seek for living bread,
And feast on love divine;
Dear Father, let thy presence be
Enjoyed by all thy family,
And make each face to shine.

In thee all blessings richly meet;
Come, then, and give our souls a treat,
And let us feast indeed;
O let us banquet with the King,
And love, and pray, and praise, and sing,
As sons from bondage freed.

May faith be strong, and pierce the skies,
And we with pleasure realise
The glory now prepared;
Commune with Jesus as our Friend;
Upon him live; his love commend;
And carnal things discard.

If this be granted, we’ll adore
The hand that gives, yet keeps in store
A boundless stock of grace;
In every time of need we’ll cry,
And thou shalt all our needs supply,
And that with smiling face.

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