Baptism. Phil. 3. 10; Acts 8. 38

W. Gadsby    L.M.

Jesus, the Lord, enthroned on high,
To thee we look, to thee we cry;
We long to view thy lovely face,
And sweetly sing thy matchless grace.

Thou hast redeemed our souls from death,
And blessed us with a living faith;
And thou wilt safely lead us home,
Where sins and sorrows never come.

As children loved and taught of God,
We now descend into the flood;
Nor will we fear, nor blush with shame,
To be baptizèd in thy name.

Dear condescending God, appear,
And bless us with a holy fear;
Give solid joy and sacred love,
And every idle thought remove.

[Bless with true fellowship with thee,
When weltering in Gethsemane;
Thy resurrection’s power display,
While we thy sacred rite obey.]

Then shall we feel a solemn frame,
And magnify thy sovereign name;
And with a holy, reverend awe,
Yield sweet obedience to thy law.


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