Baptism. Luke 12. 50; Acts 10. 47; Rom. 6. 4, 8;

W. Gadsby   7s

Mighty King, thy power display,
Give us grace to watch and pray;
Strengthened by thy Spirit’s might,
May we in thy ways delight.

For us Jesus was baptized
In tremendous agonies;
Mighty vengeance, like a flood,
Overwhelmed the Lamb of God.

Come, ye saints, with wonder view
What the Lord has done for you;
View the mighty waters roll,
And break in upon his soul.

View the swelling floods of wrath
Sink your Saviour low as death;
Grief him covered like a grave,
When he died, your souls to save.

Sons of God, lift up your eyes;
See your slaughtered Saviour rise!
He has conquered death and hell;
With him you shall ever dwell.

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