“There the weary be at rest.” Job 3. 17

W. Gadsby   C.M.

What solemn tidings reach our ears!
How awful and how grand!
A brother [or sister] landed safe from fears,
On Canaan’s happy land.

No clouds shall now obstruct his sun,
But all be life and peace;
With him ’tis ever, ever noon,
Nor can his joy decrease.

He’s gone in endless bliss to dwell,
And I am left below,
To struggle with the powers of hell,
Till Jesus bids me go.

Though he’s more happy, I’m secure;
God’s promise cannot fail;
O may I patiently endure
My heavenly Father’s will.

The counsel of the Lord shall stand,
And all his will be done;
I’ll therefore wait in Meshech’s land,
Until he fetch me home.

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