Prayer for Nearness to the Lord. Ezek. 36. 25

W. Gadsby   8.7.

O thou lovely, loving Saviour,
Bless us with a solemn frame,
Teach us now, henceforth, and ever,
To adore thy matchless name.
Give us, blessed Jesus, give us,
A sweet glimpse of thy sweet face;
From all carking care relieve us;
Fill us with thy boundless grace.

[Let the unction of redemption
Supply every conscience well;
Give us now a sweet exemption
From the rage of sin and hell.
Tell us, Lord, and make us feel it,
We are thine, for ever thine.
Take each wounded heart and heal it,
Let thy glory in us shine.]

Plunge us in that crimson ocean,
Thy atonement made for sin;
Freed from trusting empty notion,
May we feel thy power within.
With thy presence, Lord, refresh us,
Aid and keep us by thy power;
May we ever be ambitious
Thee to love, crown, and adore.


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