For a Believer in Darkness and Distress. Ps. 42. 6-8

J. Berridge   C.M.

Why so cast down, dejected soul?
A loving Christ is near;
Thy broken bones he can make whole,
And drooping spirit cheer.

If guilty stings thy conscience feel,
And pierce thee through and through,
Yet past backslidings Christ can heal,
And love thee freely too.

If justice draw its flaming sword,
And seems intent to kill,
On Jesus call, and trust his word,
And thou shalt praise him still.

Thy soul with tempests may be tossed,
And Satan sorely thrust;
Yet sure no soul shall e’er be lost
Who makes the Lord his trust.

Dear Jesus, show thy smiling face,
And Calvary’s peace impart,
Display the power of saving grace,
And cheer a troubled heart.

Refresh his eye with sweeter light,
And whisper in his ear,
“Thy soul is precious in my sight,
No need thou hast to fear.”

Chapel 714

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