Baptism. Rom. 6. 3, 4; Col. 2. 12, 13

J. Hart   L.M.

Buried in baptism with our Lord,
We rise with him, to life restored;
Not the bare life in Adam lost,
But richer far, for more it cost.

Water can cleanse the flesh, we own;
But Christ well knows, and Christ alone,
How dear to him our cleansing stood,
Baptized with fire, and bathed in blood.

Not but we taste his bitter cup;
But only he could drink it up.
To burn for us was his desire;
And he baptizes us with fire.

This fire will not consume, but melt!
How soft, compared with that he felt!
Thus cleansed from filth, and purged from dross,
Baptizèd Christian, bear the cross.


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