“Worthy is the Lamb.” Rev. 5. 12

W. Gadsby   7s

Endless blessings on the Lamb!
Broken hearts, repeat the same;
His dear heart was broken too,
When he bore the curse for you.

Your dread crimes once pierced his heart!
Sank his soul in vengeful smart;
But his sin-atoning blood
Now maintains your peace with God.

Endless blessings on him rest!
Broken hearts in him are blessed;
And though they may trembling stand,
He upholds them with his hand.

In his heart they have a place,
’Stablished there through sovereign grace;
And, in his set time and way,
He will change their night to day.

Trust in him, ye tempted saints;
Tell him all your sad complaints;
He a present help will be –
Give you strength and victory.

Blessed Jesus! fill each heart
With thy love, and blood, and smart;
Then thy wonders we’ll proclaim,
And adore thy matchless name.

Endless blessings rest on thee!
Thou hast set the captive free;
We would shout aloud and sing,
Glory to our God and King!


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