“Shew me a token for good.” Ps. 86. 17

C. Cole   L.M.

Show me some token, Lord, for good,
Some token of thy special love;
Show me that I am born of God,
And that my treasure is above.

My supplication, Lord, is this,
That all my sins may be subdued;
That all thy precious promises
May be to me and for my good.

O seal my pardon to my soul,
And then proclaim my peace with thee;
Thus make my wounded conscience whole,
And that will be for good to me.

Let thy good Spirit rule my heart,
And govern all my words and ways;
Let grace abound in every part,
And teach my tongue to sing thy praise.

Thus may I see that I am thine,
And feel my heart to thee ascend;
Then shall I know that thou art mine,
My God, my Father, and my Friend.

Chapel 736

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