God’s Various Dealings with his Children. John 21. 18

J. Hart   C.M.

How hard and rugged is the way
To some poor pilgrims’ feet:
In all they do, or think, or say,
They opposition meet.

Others, again, more smoothly go,
Secured from hurts and harms;
Their Saviour leads them gently through,
Or bears them in his arms.

Faith and repentance all must find;
But yet we daily see
They differ in their time and kind,
Duration and degree.

Some long repent and late believe,
But when their sin’s forgiven,
A clearer passport they receive,
And walk with joy to heaven.

Their pardon some receive at first,
And then, compelled to fight,
They feel their latter stages worst,
And travel much by night.

But be our conflicts short or long,
This commonly is true;
That wheresoever faith is strong,
Repentance is so too.

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