“Unto you which believe he is precious.” 1 Pet. 2. 7

J. Berridge   C.M.

Exceeding precious is my Lord;
His love divinely free!
And his dear name does health afford,
To sickly souls like me.

It cheers a debtor’s gloomy face,
And breaks his prison door;
It brings amazing stores of grace
To feed the gospel poor.

And if with lively faith we view
His dying toil and smart,
And hear him say, “It was for you!”
This breaks the stony heart.

A heavenly joy his words convey;
The bowels strangely move;
We blush, and melt, and faint away,
O’erwhelmed with his love.

In such sweet posture let me lie,
And wet thy feet with tears,
Till, joined with saints above the sky,
I tune my harp with theirs.

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