Knowledge of Christ. Phil. 3. 7-10; John 17. 3

R. Burnham   L.M.

To know my Jesus crucified,
By far excels all things beside;
All earthly good I count but loss,
And triumph in my Saviour’s cross.

Knowledge of all terrestrial things
Ne’er to my soul true pleasure brings;
No peace, but in the Son of God;
No joy, but through his pardoning blood.

O could I know and love him more,
And all his wondrous grace explore,
Ne’er would I covet man’s esteem,
But part with all, and follow him.

Lord, may I bear my every loss;
Be patient under every cross;
Never may I my Saviour blame,
Though I’m despised for his dear name.

Thus make me willing, glorious Lamb,
To suffer all things for thy name;
At last be where my Jesus is,
And rise to everlasting bliss.


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