Sanctification. Acts 15. 9; 1 Cor. 1. 2; Heb. 9. 14

J. Hart    C.M.

The Holy Ghost in Scripture saith
Expressly, in one part,
Speaking by Peter’s mouth, “By faith
God purifies the heart.”

Now, what in holy writ he says,
In part or through the whole,
The self-same truths, by various ways,
He teaches in the soul.

Experience likewise tells us this;
Before the Saviour’s blood
Has washed us clean, and made our peace,
We can do nothing good.

[But here, my friends, the danger lies;
Errors of different kind
Will still creep in, which devils devise
To cheat the human mind.

“I want no work within,” says one;
“’Tis all in Christ the Head;”
Thus, careless, he goes blindly on,
And trusts a faith that’s dead.

“’Tis dangerous,” another cries,
“To trust to faith alone;
Christ’s righteousness will not suffice
Except I add my own.”

Thus he, that he may something do,
To shun the impending curse,
Upon the old will patch the new,
And make the rent still worse.

Others affirm, “The Spirit of God
To true believers given,
Makes all their thoughts and acts so good,
They’re always fit for heaven.”

The babe of Christ, at hearing this,
Is filled with anxious fear;
Conscience condemns, corruptions rise,
And drive him near despair.

These trials weaklings suffer here;
Censure and scorn without;
And from within, what’s worse to bear,
Despondency and doubt.

But, gracious Lord, who once didst feel
What weakness is and fears,
Who gott’st thy victory over hell
With groans, and cries, and tears;

Do thou direct our feeble hearts
To trust thee for the whole;
The work of grace in all its parts
Accomplish in the soul.

Thy Holy Spirit into us breathe;
A perfect Saviour prove;
Lord, give us faith, and let that faith
Work all thy will by love.]


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