The Crucifixion. 2 Cor. 4. 10; Gal. 6. 17; Col. 1. 27

J. Hart   8.8.6.

That day when Christ was crucified,
The mighty God, Jehovah, died
An ignominious death.
He that would keep this solemn day,
And true disciples safely may,
Must keep it firm in faith.

For, though the mournful tragedy
May call up tears in every eye,
Yet, brethren, rest not here.
Would you condole your dying Friend?
Let each into his soul descend,
And find his Saviour there.

This only can our hearts assure,
And make our outward worship pure
In God’s all-searching sight.
When all we do with love is mixed,
And steadfast faith on Jesus fixed,
My brethren, then we’re right.


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