Following and Praising the Lamb. Rev. 5. 9, 10

J. Hart   7s

Come, ye humble sinner-train,
Souls for whom the Lamb was slain,
Cheerful let us raise our voice;
We have reason to rejoice.
Let us sing, with saints in heaven,
Life restored, and sin forgiven;
Glory and eternal laud
Be to our incarnate God.

Now look up with faith and see
Him that bled for you and me,
Seated on his glorious throne,
Interceding for his own.
What can Christians have to fear,
When they view the Saviour there?
Hell is vanquished, heaven appeased,
God is satisfied and pleased.

Snares and dangers may beset,
For we are but travellers yet.
As the way, indeed, is hard,
May we keep a constant guard.
Neither lifted up with air,
Nor dejected to despair;
Always keeping Christ in view;
He will bring us safely through.

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