Faith, hope, love, righteousness, peace. 1 Thess. 1. 3

J. Hart  7.6.8.

Faith in Jesus can repel
The darts of sin and death;
Faith gives victory over hell;
But who can give us faith?
Hope in Christ the soul revives,
Supports the spirits when they droop;
Hope celestial comfort gives;
But who can give us hope?

Love to Jesus Christ and his,
Fixes the heart above;
Love gives everlasting bliss;
But who can give us love?
To believe’s the gift of God;
Well-grounded hope he sends from heaven,
Love’s the earnest of his blood,
To all his children given.

Jesus, from thy boundless store,
Thy treasuries of grace,
On thy feeble followers pour
Thy righteousness and peace.
Of thy righteousness alone
Continual mention we will make;
We have nothing of our own;
But soul and all’s at stake.

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