“All my springs are in thee.” Ps. 87.7

J. Hart            7.6.8.

Bless the Lord, my soul, and raise
A glad and grateful song
To my dear Redeemer’s praise,
For I to him belong.
He, my Goodness, Strength, and God,
In whom I live, and move, and am,
Paid my ransom with his blood;
My portion is the Lamb.

[Though temptations seldom cease,
Though frequent griefs I feel,
Yet his Spirit whispers peace,
And he is with me still.
Weak of body, sick in soul,
Depressed at heart, and faint with fears,
His dear presence makes me whole,
And with sweet comfort cheers.]

O my Jesus, thou art mine,
With all thy grace and power;
I am now, and shall be thine
When time shall be no more;
Thou revivest me by thy death;
Thy blood from guilt has set me free;
My fresh springs of hope, and faith,
And love, are all in thee.

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