The Death and Excellency of Christ. Isa. 13. 12

J. Hart        C.M.

The things on earth which men esteem,
And of their richness boast,
In value less or greater seem,
Proportioned to their cost.

[The diamond, that’s for thousands sold,
Our admiration draws;
For dust men seldom part with gold,
Or barter pearls for straws.]

Then what inestimable worth
Must in those crowns appear,
For which the Lord came down to earth,
And bought for us, so dear!

The Father dearly loves the Son,
And rates his merits high;
For no mean cause he sent him down
To suffer, grieve, and die.

The blessings from his death that flow,
So little we esteem,
Only because we slightly know,
And meanly value him.

[’Twas our Creator for us bled,
The Lord of life and power;
Whom angels worship, devils dread –
God blest for evermore.]

O could we but with clearer eyes
His excellencies trace,
Could we his person learn to prize,
We more should prize his grace.

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