The Interment of a Believer. Job. 19. 26

J. Hart          7.6.8.

Christians, view this solemn scene,
 And if your souls be sad,
 Look beyond the cloud between,
 And let your hearts be glad.
 Never from your memory lose
 The resurrection of the just.
 Death’s a blessing now to those
 Who in our Jesus trust.

Deep interred in earth’s dark womb
 The mouldering body lies;
 But the Christian from the tomb
 Shall soon triumphant rise.
 Jesus Christ, the righteous Judge,
 For all his people’s sins was slain;
 Give the Saviour, without grudge,
 The purchase of his pain.

Now, the grave’s a downy bed,
 Embroidered round with blood;
 Say not the believer’s dead,
 He only rests in God.
 Lord, we long to be at home,
 Lay down our heads, and sleep in thee;
 Come, Lord Jesus, quickly come,
 And set thy prisoners free.


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