“Return, thou backsliding Israel.” Jer. 3. 12, 14, 22

J. Hart          L.M.

Backsliding souls, return to God;
 Your faithful God is gracious still;
 Leave the false ways ye long have trod,
 For God will your backslidings heal.

Your first espousals call to mind;
 ’Tis time ye should be now reclaimed.
 What fruit could ever Christians find
 In things whereof they’re now ashamed?

The indignation of the Lord
 Awhile endure, for ’tis your due;
 But firm and steadfast stands his word;
 Though you are faithless, he is true.

The blood of Christ, a precious blood!
 Cleanses from all sin, doubt it not,
 And reconciles the soul to God,
 From every folly, every fault.

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