Be clothed with humility. 1 Pet. 5. 5; Isa. 64. 6

J. Hart               7s

Lord, if with thee part I bear;
 If I through thy word am clean;
 In thy mercy if I share;
 If thy blood has purged my sin;
 To my needy soul impart
 Thy good Spirit from above,
 To enrich my barren heart
 With humility and love.

Lord, my heart, a desert vast,
 Thy reviving hand requires;
 Sin has laid my vineyard waste,
 Overgrown with weeds and briars.
 Thou canst make this desert bloom;
 Breathe, O breathe, celestial Dove,
 Till it blow with rich perfume
 Of humility and love.

Vanquish in me lust and pride;
 All my stubbornness subdue;
 Smile me into fruit, or chide,
 If no milder means will do.
 Ah! compassionate my case;
 Let the poor thy pity move;
 Give me of thy boundless grace,
 Give humility and love.

[Why should one that bears thy name,
 Why should thy adopted child,
 Be in rags, exposed to shame,
 Like a savage, fierce and wild?
 With thy children I would sit,
 And not like an alien rove;
 Clothe my soul and make it fit,
 With humility and love.]

[Greatest sinners, greatly spared,
 Love much, and themselves abase;
 Mine’s a paradox too hard –
 Rich of mercy, poor of grace;
 Me thou hast forgiven much;
 (This my sins too plainly prove).
 Give me what thou givest such –
 Much humility and love.]


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