“Thou art my portion, O Lord.” Ps. 119. 57

J. Berridge                   148th

I seek and hope to find
A portion for my soul,
To heal a feverish mind,
And make a bankrupt whole;
A cup of blessing for the poor,
That’s free, and full, and flowing o’er.

No satisfying rest
Earth’s fluttering joys impart;
The portion of a beast
Will not content my heart;
The God of spirits only can
Fill up the vast desires of man.

Then, Jesus, wilt thou be
My portion and my all?
For I would wait on thee,
And listen to thy call;
My daily wants thou canst supply,
And find me food, and bring me joy.

Whate’er I wish or want
Can come from thee alone,
Thou canst my heart content;
Then let thy grace be shown;
I’d choose thee for my portion, Lord;
Supply me well from mercy’s board.

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