“He shall let go my captives.” Isa. 45. 13

J. Berridge              C.M.

Art thou by sin a captive led?
Is sin thy daily grief?
The Man who brake the serpent’s head
Can bring thee sweet relief.

His name is Jesus, for he saves,
And setteth captives free;
His office is to purchase slaves,
And give them liberty.

No money for thy ransom take,
But mercy much entreat;
Go, with the chains about thy neck,
And fall before his feet.

Tell how thy bosom tyrants lash,
And rage without control;
Show where the fetters gall thy flesh,
And bruise thy inmost soul.

The sight will melt his piteous heart,
Soon touched with human woe;
And healing up thy guilty smart,
His freed-man thou shalt go.

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