Believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them

J. Berridge               L.M.

Ye poor afflicted souls, give ear,
Who seek the Lord, but fear his frown;
What things ye ask in fervent prayer,
Believing, Christ will send them down.

If sin is loathsome to thy heart,
And shows a most ill-favoured face;
If guilt affords thee fearful smart,
It flows from Jesus’ love and grace.

A feast is now prepared for thee,
In spite of all thy unbelief;
A feast of mercy, sweetly free
For sinners and the sinners’ chief.

Take courage, then; ask and believe,
Expecting mercy from the Lord;
The promise runs, “Ask and receive,”
And Christ is faithful to his word.

O Lord, increase my feeble faith,
And give my straitened bosom room
To credit what thy promise saith,
And wait till thy salvation come.


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