“Wait ye upon me, saith the Lord.” Zeph. 3. 8

J. Berridge                       112th

O thou with battering tempest tossed,
Perplexed and shattered here and there,
Bewildered on a legal coast,
And finding no deliverance near,
On Jesus calling with sad thought,
But Jesus seems to mind thee not!

Soon as thy heart can moaning cry,
“What must a wretched sinner do?”
To Jesus lift thy weary eye,
For whither else can sinners go?
And Jesus will not fail thy hope;
But on him wait till he rise up.

He will rise up the prey to take;
His mighty arm he will make bare;
He will, for his own mercy’s sake,
Bereave thee of thy guilty fear,
And tame the beasts within thy breast;
But on him wait, till he give rest.


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