“I will take away the stony heart.” Ezek. 36. 26

J. Berridge                 8.8.6.

My heart by nature is a stone,
And unconcerned can look upon
Eternal misery;
Feels no affection for the Lord,
Takes no impression from his word,
But lumpish is and dry.

Some tell me I must change my heart,
And undertake the Saviour’s part;
A proud and fruitless strife!
I might as soon the seasons change,
Or make the clouds in order range,
Or raise the dead to life.

My shoulders will not bear the load;
The work is only fit for God,
A work of heavenly grace;
The Lord, who first created man,
Must now create him new again,
And rear the fallen race.

Then unto him I lift my eye;
My Maker, hear me when I cry,
And give the heart of flesh;
A heart renewed by faith and love,
That seeks the joys which are above,
And will not feed on trash.

[A heart submissive, mild, and meek,
Which hears if Jesus softly speak,
And on his word can feast;
A heart which prays for great and small,
And dearly loves thy children all,
Yet thinks itself the least.]

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