Seeking the Lord’s Face. Ps. 27. 8; Isa. 45. 19

W. W. Horne            L.M.

The God of grace delights to hear
 The plaintive cry, the humble prayer;
 Nor shall the weakest saint complain
 That he has sought the Lord in vain.

With power to Jacob’s seed he speaks;
 His word the heart asunder breaks;
 While grace the rage of sin controls,
 And deep repentance melts their souls.

“Seek ye my face,” Jehovah cries;
 With joy the contrite heart replies,
 “Thy face I seek; with power descend,
 From every foe my soul defend!”

A bleeding Christ is all they plead,
 And all that guilty sinners need;
 In whose dear name their fervent cries
 Before the Lord like incense rise.


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