“Shine forth.” Ps. 80. 1-3,  7, 19; Dan. 9. 17

J. Hoskins          L.M.      

Saviour of sinners, deign to shine
 On this benighted soul of mine;
 O show my wandering feet the way
 That leads to realms of endless day.

Reveal the path of life and peace,
 The road to pure and perfect bliss.
 Guide a poor pilgrim safely on;
 Be thou my Shield and constant Sun!

’Midst all the dangers that await
 My present militant estate;
 Be thou, dear Jesus, ever near,
 My soul to keep, my heart to cheer.

And when I shall resign my breath,
 And walk the gloomy vale of death,
 Then may I find the Lord my stay,
 And thence to glory wing my way.

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