“Who can tell?” 2 Sam. 12. 22; Jonah 3. 9

B. Beddome   148th

Great God! to thee I’ll make
My griefs and sorrows known;
And with a humble hope
Approach thy awful throne;
Though by my sins deserving hell,
I’ll not despair, for who can tell?

To thee, who by a word
My drooping soul canst cheer,
And by thy Spirit form
Thy glorious image there;
My foes subdue, my fears dispel;
I’ll daily seek, for who can tell?

Endangered or distressed,
To thee alone I’ll fly,
Implore thy powerful help,
And at thy footstool lie;
My case bemoan, my wants reveal,
And patient wait, for who can tell?

My heart misgives me oft,
And conscience storms within;
But one sweet smile from thee
At once would make me clean.
If thou be mine, all will be well;
And why not so? for who can tell?


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